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Jumeirah Islands Villa Remodel


Nestled in Jumeirah Islands, our villa’s modern transformation extends beyond the interiors. The expansive lake-facing backyard now hosts a poolside retreat featuring a BBQ kitchen and dining area, as well as a welcoming patio for gatherings.

Amidst the multi-level plantings and geometric hardscape, the outdoor space harmonizes nature with contemporary design. Travertine pathways guide the way to this alfresco haven, where wooden accents and line stones define a stylish atmosphere. The revitalized elevation, with widened windows and a sleek side extension, seamlessly connects the indoors with this outdoor oasis.

This project is a true fusion of modernity and nature, where the villa not only stands as a chic residence but also embraces outdoor living at its finest. From poolside BBQs to gatherings on the patio, every detail reflects the essence of sophisticated living in the heart of Dubai’s prestigious Jumeirah Islands.

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