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Turkish seaside harmony


For our esteemed client based in Qatar seeking a serene retreat in Turkey, we envisioned a striking vacation house harmonizing with its stunning sea vista. Our design concept intricately divided the structure into three sections, with the central portion commanding a double-height space accentuated by expansive glass windows showcasing the panoramic sea views. The central area boasts a contemporary layout comprising the kitchen, dining, and living spaces, with a mezzanine floor housing a welcoming lobby and four bedrooms thoughtfully positioned for privacy. The architectural focal point is the slanted roof adorned with a grid of glass windows, seamlessly integrating the interior with the natural surroundings. Exterior walls adorned with stone exude elegance while interior partitions crafted from brick offer warmth and texture. Wooden flooring adds a touch of rustic charm, complementing the exposed roof trusses that enhance the structural aesthetics. This design synthesis encapsulates luxury, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, providing our client with an idyllic escape in the heart of Turkey’s coastal beauty.

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